The Application of Stones for Interior Surfacing

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Living Room

The living room sofa relies on the floor to floor window, the natural light penetrates, bright at the same time let the whole space more style. The wide grey fabric sofa is in harmony with the color of the floor, bringing a fresh and broad sense of vision. The flexible use of the side table in the sofa enhances the functionality of the sofa. The design of the imperial concubine position can sit and lie down to meet the needs of the coexistence of beauty and comfort. Smoked Eucalyptus color TV wall panel cabinet, decorated with marble texture stone wall, simple with personalized style, wood veneer unique temperature, so that the space has a unique warm feeling.

Dining Room

The dining table and chair are set near the floor to ceiling window, with the ultimate landscape, which is used in daily life of the family, making the meal point also have a beautiful vision. Marble texture dining table and orange dining chair match, concise and simple modern life texture.


After pushing open a rainbow glass door, I came to the main bathroom space. The transparent natural light is included. The vision is bright. The marble and smoked eucalyptus wood color are matched. The simple design is matched with high-quality materials to enjoy the leisure and relaxation time.

Kitchen Room

The teahouse and living room are in the same space with the open western kitchen, which creates a rich level of aesthetic feeling and a close social atmosphere.

The big round table is the main place for entertaining relatives and friends. You can enjoy the lively party and warm dinner party. On the dining table, the wood is stacked with marble texture stone, steady, calm and active. The wood grain of dining chair is clear, sending out the natural and warm wood, full of elegant feeling.

The western kitchen area behind the sofa, the collision of paint, wood veneer and light, continues the style of the whole home with the fit of materials. Bar island and independent wine cabinet provide more convenience and interaction for the party.