The Application of Stones for Balcony

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If it is a closed indoor balcony, tiling can refer to the tiling material of the living room; if it is an external balcony, you can choose bricks with good skid resistance and wear resistance.

Three Typical Stones for Balcony :

Full-body Tiles

Balcony commonly used brick, the surface is not glazed, and the material and color of the front and back are the same, wear resistance and skid resistance are the best of all ceramic tiles. However, the design of decors is not as good as glazed tiles, which is more suitable for the interior design environment of plain colors, more for the ground and less for the wall.

Glazed Tiles

The surface is treated by firing glaze, which has rich colors and patterns, anti-skid and wear-resistant, and good anti pollution effect. According to different raw materials, it can be divided into ceramic glazed tiles and porcelain glazed tiles; according to different luster, it can also be divided into matte and bright. If it is pasted on the balcony or kitchen where there is water and oil, it will be better to choose bright glazed tiles.

Polished Tiles

Polished brick is a kind of brick after polishing. Its brightness is higher than that of the whole brick, and its hardness is strong and wear resistance is very good. The polished brick treated by the infiltration technology can also have a variety of stone like and wood like grain effects.

If you want to stick wood floor / stone brick on your balcony at home, but you are afraid that the wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant is not enough, you can choose polished brick with wood grain or imitation stone grain, with good decoration effect and durability.

Pay Attention when Laying Tiles :

1.The paving height of the balcony wall brick will be 1.5m manually. If you think it is not beautiful, you can adjust the paving height of the whole wall brick to the top and paste the whole wall. It is not only moisture-proof and beautiful, but also convenient for later wall cabinet.

2. The color matching and overall style of balcony tiling are considered. As the leisure area of the family, Nanyang terrace can use the partial cold color system; Beiyang terrace can use the partial warm color system.

3. The balcony belongs to the small leisure space at home. The size of the balcony brick is generally controlled at 250 × 360mm and below, which has a sense of overall coordination.

Besides tiles, what other options are there?


It is OK to stick wood floor, but wood floor must be waterproof and corrosion-resistant, so as to be used in the balcony for a long time. Anticorrosive wood floor is a good choice, which can be used in the balcony floor or ceiling. However, the cost of this kind of wood floor is generally more expensive, and the maintenance should pay more attention to some than ordinary ceramic tiles. When choosing, we should make a good choice!


Better set off the natural sense of space, with the use of wood floor effect is better!

In general, the balcony tiling is really a design with a long face value. Which type of tile will you choose for your balcony decoration? If it's a small knitting, you can choose a small flower brick with temperament.