The Application of Stones for Kitchen Walls

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The wall of the kitchen is the key point in the kitchen, especially the wall of the upper part of the operating platform, which is exposed in the space. These places must be well designed and matched to enhance the delicate beauty of the kitchen.

Marble-texture,Calacatta-look Tiles

The elegant white imitation marble wall brick is laid on the wall of the kitchen. The overall visual sense will be full of modern and elegant temperament and enhance the fashion and gorgeous design sense of the kitchen.

Checker Tiles

Recently, the more popular white small grid brick, used in the kitchen such a relatively small space, can also make the space appear more hierarchical.

H Tiles

The overall texture and effect of the kitchen wall brick with I-shaped pattern are similar to those of the white small grid brick, which can also make the kitchen appear more artistic and delicate design elements.

Gradient Tiles

The wall brick of gradual change color, use in kitchen such small area space, match on more elegant class ambry again, whole effect also is rich and beautiful have level.

Matte Grey Tiles

Gray is a more popular and classic color system, with the kitchen wall, the whole effect is also very simple atmosphere.