16 Details to Pay Attention to When Installing Kitchen Cabin

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Part 1 Layout


Pay attention to the route.

          Take things from the refrigerator → clean the ingredients in the sink → cut vegetables on the operation table → stir fry vegetables → put them on the plate.


The Golden Triangle


Four types of kitchens:

  1. Single line shape. Suitable for narrow kitchen, use a whole wall of space to wash, cut and fry in a row, and determine the location of items according to the frequency of use to ensure that the kitchen is not tired
  1. L shape. There are cleaning area and cooking area around the corner. The most space saving design among the four layouts is also the favorite choice of small house type. 
  1. U shape. Large operation table, short moving line, sufficient storage space. But the width requirements are high, more suitable for spacious kitchen.
  1. Island. Island table can be used as operation table, bar table 2-in-one, very practical, suitable for large family kitche

Part 2 Cabinet

  1. Anti-humid plastic strip. Cabinet moisture-proof well done, the cabinet will be more durable, can greatly reduce the probability of water infiltration on the sink cabinet floor, improve the life of the cabinet.
  2. Ventilation fence. In addition, in order to protect the cabinet, the door under the gas stove is equipped with aluminum alloy ventilation net, which can reduce the damage of hot gas to the cabinet.
  3. Leveler. The bottom of the cabinet shall be equipped with adjustable feet, which can not only ensure the stability and prevent the cabinet from deformation, but also be waterproof and moisture-proof, stable, safe and reliable.
  4. Anti-bump plastic nut. Don't look down on the small anti-collision rubber particles on the cabinet door. In the thousands of daily opening and closing of the cabinet door, it can not only protect the objects inside the cabinet from collision, but also be quiet and silent at the moment of closing, safe and reliable.

Part 3 Countertop Design

  1. Installing height.

  1. Worktop width 60cm.

  1. Backsplash.

  1. Raised backsplash.


Part 4 Organization

  1. Wall cabinet. The cupboard is far from the ground, not afraid of moisture. It is very suitable for storing some grains and seafood. In addition, it can also store some dishes that are not commonly used, free the table space, and the cleanliness of the kitchen will rise. If you want to get more convenient items, let's know about the linked basket of the cupboard, which can save energy and space.
  2. Base cabinet. The cabinet under the stove can be made into three drawers. The first layer is the shallowest, which is most suitable for placing spoon, knife and fork; the second layer is medium, which is suitable for placing common dishes; the third layer is deep, which is suitable for placing soup pot, etc. In addition, in order to make full use of the space, it is better to make a more detailed separation and storage, so that each compartment can clearly store what kind of items, clear and tidy.
  1. Midway. Do not leave the wall of the operation platform empty. Shelves, shelves and hooks can be arranged. Bottles, cans and common kitchenware can be stored in the platform, which will become dry in an instant. It's very convenient to stir fry vegetables.
  1. Built-in kitchen appliance. The oven and microwave oven commonly used at home are the most reasonable embedded design, beautiful and generous, and the kitchen is more advanced.
  1. Corner cabinet. At the corner of L-type and U-type cabinets, a flying saucer basket is added to place rice, grain, oil and cooking utensils. It is convenient and cool to take and put.
  1. Sink cabinet. Don't neglect under the sink cabinet. Install a storage bracket beside the door. The dishcloth and detergent can be collected. It's very simple and practical.