The Application of Stones for TV Back Wall

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Before designing the TV wall, we should first determine the needs of the home. Do we want to receive more or show more?

If there is a large demand for home storage, it is the most cost-effective to install a TV cabinet with a full wall design, even the design of the TV background wall is saved.

Add the glass to cover the door, and the treasures are clear at a glance, showing the owner's high-end taste. There is also dust-proof function, daily cleaning is much simpler.

Home space is small, full of wall combination TV cabinet gives you unexpected storage space. The common ones are TV cabinet + entrance cabinet, TV cabinet + SIDEBOARD CABINET.

Families with smaller storage needs will choose to buy exquisite one character cabinets, which is convenient. However, it should be noted that the width of the TV wall must be measured in advance, so as to avoid that the TV wall cannot be put down when it is too large and the TV wall is too small.

The design of the TV wall should be consistent with the living room space in style, otherwise the beauty grade will be greatly reduced!

As a popular home style, how can the TV wall be designed?

You can start with the light and extravagant elements, marble TV wall, high-end atmosphere on the grade.

At the same time, add metal elements, glass, light belt, fashion sense full score, high-level sense doubled!

Modern simple style, a cabinet with beautiful wall paint, no other decoration, comfortable and good-looking.

If you want to have a strong storage space, the return cabinet surrounds the TV set, which is the first choice for pragmatism families. It is necessary to reserve as much space as possible in the middle of the TV set to avoid narrow space.

Minimalist design style, laying the dado as the background, marble to make the TV bit shape. The TV background wall without TV cabinet is amazing!

The Nordic style of art style is very strong. The TV background wall design can choose the retro cultural brick style, which is very comfortable.

At the same time, it can also be matched with color wall paint or wood board, and the partition board is designed to place picture frames, animation handcrafts and books to create a warm life atmosphere.

The simple European style usually designs the gypsum line to do the decoration, mostly for the third proportion, looks very elegant and exquisite.

Or specially customized TV background modeling, the atmospheric high-end style is significant, of course, the cost is slightly higher.